The Science Club is the place for students who are interested in science to learn about all scopes of science and train the perspective teachers to organize the club activities. Objectives
  • To arouse and cultivate students' interest in learning Science.
  • To encourage student to participate actively in the activities organized by the Science Club.
  • To promote the use of IT in learning Science.
  • To understand scientific knowledge through experiments.
  • To promote inquisitiveness among the school students and inculcate scientific temper among them.
  • To trigger interest among the students in Science.
  • To encourage, motivate and equip the students in applications of Science and its interface with society.
Mr.Noufal P, Assistant Professor in Physical Science is the Co-ordinator of Science Club. Proposed Activities : Science Clubplanned to conduct the following activities –
  • Quiz / Debate on Science
  • Nature Study – field visit to scientifically important area.
  • Observation of important days (viz. World Wetland Day on Feb 2nd, National Science Day on Feb 28th, World Health Day on April 17th, International Bio-diversity Day on May 22nd, World Environment Day on June 5th, Hiroshima &Nagashaki Day on 6th August &9th August etc.) to disseminate the importance of the said day among the students.
  • Essay Competition on the occasion of different important days or on life & works of Scientists
  • Publication of Annual Science Wall Magazine and display of information received in Notice Boards exclusively for Science Club activities.
  • Work shop on the areas where the technology can be able to use in the science education.
  • Etc…..


Mathematics club is functioning in the leadership of Mathematics Option. OBJECTIVES: The Mathematics Club aims to work for the interests of our fellow students. We develop students’ mathematical curiosity and interpersonal relationship skills by conducting member meetings with various topics related to Mathematics. The purpose of the Mathematics Club is to arouse students’ interests in Mathematics so that they can become confident in using mathematics to analyze and solve problems both in school and in real-life situations. Mathematics is a tool to train one’s logical thinking skills. It is also a sword which can solve thousands of problems in various fields in our daily life.
  • Create an easy to learn concept of mathematics.
  • Develop techniques for easy teaching of mathematics concepts.
  • Influence students to like math and explore their hidden potentials in math.
  • Find paths to introduce math in creative and innovative ways.
  • Encourage the study and appreciation of mathematics.
  • Help students with difficulties in math.
  • Explore students potential as being mathematicians.
  • Promote Exceptional Work Habits and Behaviours
  • Create a supportive learning environment for mathematics.
Mrs Radhika T, Assistant Professor in Mathematics is the Co-ordinator of Mathematics Club.


Social Science Club is an integral part of the co- curricular activities of social science. This club has a great role in the study of this subject. This clubs should guide the learning activities which extend beyond classrooms. Club members along with their teachers must participate in field trips, exhibitions, quiz competitions, surveys etc. Objectives
  • It will encourage intellectual curiosity among the students.
  • It will provide practical knowledge of the subject.
  • It creates power for thinking and fosters imagination and creativity among the students.
Activities of Social Science Club The club organizes different activities:
  • Putting up of social Science exhibition
  • Preparation of Project report on different topics
  • Taking students on Excursions and Educational Tours.
  • Presentation of Mock Parliament and skits on burning topics.
  • Publication of social science magazine
Mrs Mini TJ, Assistant Professor in Social Science is the Co-ordinator of Social Science Club.


IT Club aims to sharpen the ideas and expertise of the campus in various fields of information technology. The main objective of the club is total IT literacy. Moreover, the club aims to horn the IT skills of students which will be beneficial for them in their studies and career. With this project in mind, the club is actively involved with many IT related activities. The major projects envisioned and realized are:
  • Practice the perspective teachers about the modern technological devices
  • Co relate the subject matters in to technology
  • Drafting of projects to offer expert training to the interested
  • Chalking out plans to encourage and motivate excellent students


The college provides excellent facilities for maintaining the physical well being of our students and teachers. “A healthy mind in a healthy body” is the motto of the Health Club. Keeping the objective in mind, the college possess a well equipped health club having experienced fitness trainer to train students and assist them in maintaining good physique. Encourages life style changes through exercise, weight control, and nutritious food habits. Provides a relaxed, open, supportive and free ambience.


The Nature Club successfully specializes in helping youngsters of our college to take the first step towards conservation of Nature – Awareness. The club enrol student for members and make group of same interest for awareness program. The activities of the club include planting and nurturing of about trees and medicinal plants on the campus, conducting various Nature Awareness programs, celebrating world environment day, etc… Objectives of Nature Club:
  • To provide opportunities to acquire attitudes, values and skills needed to protect and improve the natural environment
  • To promote interest and knowledge about wildlife, forests and the environment among us
  • To foster concern to protect the fauna and flora and undisturbed examples of the state's natural heritage
  • To increase awareness of the economic, cultural, scientific and aesthetic values of fauna and flora
Mr. Sakkeer Hussain C Assistant Professor in Arabic is the Co-ordinator of the Nature Club


The Literary Club’s objective is to develop and train the literary skills of the students. The Club encourages the perspective teachers to develop a taste for literature and also work towards improving their spoken and written language in Arabic and English. It is involved in a variety of activities aimed at building up the confidence and grooming the talents of students in facing various interpersonal activities and competitions. The Club has initiated competitions in essay writing, creative writing, poetry writing, debate, elocution, skit, quiz and reading to enhance the speech and oratorical skills of students.


Film Clubs educators have the chance to provide children and young people with the opportunity for meaningful engagement with film. This includes access to thousands of films specially selected with educators in mind, together with accompanying resources, exclusive film industry opportunities and ways to get involved with programming, reporting, reviewing, and filmmaking.Awareness among students about social and youth related issues is created through screening of movies followed by discussions. Every year College conducts an film festival which consists of socially relevant and educationally valued national and international films. Mrs. Soumiya MS, Assistant Professor in Education is the Co-ordinator of Movie Club.


Home management club focuses on nurturing personal qualities like love, tolerance, sympathy…etc. and to develop a good citizen. Actually , it is a well developed club which does not limit itself to the knowledge of home related skills of cooking , laundry, decoration , stitching etc, being fairly broad based, a closer look will reveal that it prepares the students not just for taking care of their home and family, but also prepare them for a large variety of experiences. It provide knowledge about food and nutrition, fabric, apparel designing, human development, resource management and communication and extension.


The college has a women’s club and Forum to build sensitivity to women’s issues. The club conducts programmes for students in the college and for women in the neighbourhood on themes such as women’s rights, discrimination and empowerment. It also deals with women’s grievances, promotes gender equality and respect for women, empowerment of women and promotes women entrepreneurships. The women’s club, at its own level organizes special workshops for students on health and other women related issues.